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    Ziehl Abegg EC Owlett Fans

    Twin banks of high efficiency EC fans from Ziehl Abegg with the patented Owlett blades for whisper quiet operation.

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    Adiabatic Pad System

    Muller Industries adiabatic pad setup for increased thermal performance in high ambient conditions.

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    Complete Controls

    All 3C series units are supplied with a complete controls package with PLC and VSD controls.

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    Stainless Steel Sump

    Single piece stainless steel water sump with associated equipment (pump, dump valve and solenoids).

Trillium Fluid Cooler

Hybrid Wet/Dry

Key Features

  • High Efficiency – EC fans
  • Robust Construction
  • Adiabatic Technology reducing water consumption but up to 70%

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • No Requirement for Water Treatment
  • No Registration Requirements


Cross Flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft

Key Features

High Efficiency – EC fans

With the inclusion of high efficiency EC Owlett Fans as standard we can achieve higher performance with less noise and energy consumption.

Robust Construction

Designed and built to last through more aggressive environments.

Adiabatic Technology reducing water consumption but up to 70%

Through the use of high efficiency evaporative pad technology Trillium series unit are able to reject heat without the same level of water consumption compared to a convention solution.

Key Benefits

Reduced Water Consumption

Clever design and control strategies allow for significant reduction in water consumption compared with a conventional open system.

No Requirement for Water Treatment

Through BAC’s patented Trillium Adiabatic Technology water is utilised in a different form to ways down previously. This prevents water being stored in the unit over long periods of time and stops any form of drift leaving the discharge. These advantages mean the product does not require any form of chemical water treatment.

No Registration Requirements

As these products are Legionella Safe they do not require registration with government as is required in some states.

Principle of Operation

trillium fc principle of operation

The Trillium Fluid Cooler is a V-shaped dry cooler equipped with
adiabatic pre-coolers (1) that cool the warm process fluid (2) by sensible heat transfer. Water flows (3)evenly over evaporative cooling pads located in front of the dry finned coil (4). At the same time axial (5) fans draw air (6) through the pads where a portion of the water evaporates and cools down the saturated air. This increases the cooling capacity of the incoming air for cooling the process fluid (7) inside the coil.





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