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    Access Door

    • Circular access door.
  • 2


    • Anti-vortexing design to prevent air entrainment.
  • 3

    Fan Drive System

    • V-belt drive.
    • Heavy-duty bearings and fan motor.
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    Centrifugal Fan(s)

    • Quiet operation
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    Water Distribution System

    • Plastic spray header and branches.
    • Large orifice, non-clog nozzles.
    • Grommeted for easy maintenance.
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    BACount Wet Deck Surface

    • Plastic material.
    • Impervious to rot, decay and biological attack.
    • Self extinguishing.
    • High temperature wet deck option.
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    Drift Eliminators

    • UV resistant non corrosive material, impervious to rot, decay and biological attack.
    • Three distinct changes in air direction to reduce drift loss significantly.
    • Assembled in easy to handle sections, which can be removed for access to the equipment interior.
  • 4

    Heavy-Duty Construction

    • ZAM coated steel panels.

Series V VT0, VT1

Open Circuit Cooling Towers

Key Features High Static Fans Single Side Inlet External Fan Drive System Key Benefits Robust Construction Compact Footprint Low Noise Design Characteristics Counter Flow, Centrifugal Fan, Forced Draft

Key Features

High Static Fans The exclusive use of fans with a high static tolerance allows for flexibility when installing in tight areas. Single Side Inlet Single sided air inlet allows for placement against a wall for installations with limited footprint availability. External Fan Drive System Externally located fan drive systems allow for both ease of maintenance and reduced downtime during servicing.

Key Benefits

Robust Construction High level build materials along with exceptional design standards assist in creating a highly reliable and consistent product. Compact Footprint Utilising height as opposed to footprint allows for installation in areas with tighter floor spaces. Low Noise Design Consideration taken for fan type, location and air flow requirements help to improve the noise output of these products.

Principle of Operation


Warm process water (1) from the heat source enters the spray system (2) at the top of the cooling tower where it is distributed over the fill or heat transfer media (3). At the same time, the centrifugal fan (4) of the air movement system, located at the bottom of the cooling tower, blows ambient air (5) upwards through the tower. While the warm process water contacts the cold air the latter heats up and part of the process water is evaporated resulting in an optimal heat transfer. The tower sump (6) or basin collects the cooled water (7) after which it returns to the heat source of the process. The warm saturated air (8) leaves the tower through the drift eliminators (9), which remove water droplets from the air.


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